Rydge Technologies

Logo design for a technology company in the US.

About: A logo design for a technology business. 
Their business is looking to bring technology solutions to people around the globe but they are specifically targeting first responders and firefighters. They are building radio systems, networking solutions and working with drones and robotics. They don’t want to be tied to only public safety so they don’t want public safety specific things in the logo. They are a group of young people with different tech and engineering skill sets and they are looking for a very modern, clean, minimal logo for their business. 
They would like this logo to be a symbol by itself and not use the whole company name in the logo.

Other info:
4 business partners
Technology solutions
Connecting/linking problems with tech solutions
Simple and minimalistic
Meaningful logo
Easy logo to be put in black and white if needed
Easy to stencil

Concept & realisation:

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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