Logo for a new clothing company located in the US.

Concept: The idea behind the logo comes from the name of the company. Therefore an image of a field and a drop should exist in it.

Realisation: A minimalistic approach was selected. Firstly, a field was designed with simple lines of different weights so as to point out the perspective. Then a drop was added. The drop was designed larger so that it gives the impression it is right in front of the viewer. It overalls gives the impression the viewer stands under a tree gazing at a field and a drop falls from a leave above right in front of him/her.

Typography: The typography used was the font Aka-AcidGR-Poiret with a slight alternation. The alternation consists just at inversing the second i in the word so that it resembles a drop. A drop was also added below the first i giving in that manner a sense of equilibrium.

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