Who is that guy?

A few words about that guy… Me.

I am Nikos Metaxas, a designer and illustrator located in Greece. I am a design enthusiast meaning I fancy design in all its forms from typography to painting and sculpture.

I initially studied mechanical engineering, I have a master’s degree, and worked as an engineer for several years. The studies and the work later helped me develope a high perception of technical design. This however couldn’t come up to my artisitic needs which I fulfilled sideways as a part-time designer, mostly graphic but also as a product designer.

The last few years I decided to take this a bit further, much further actually. I acquired a graphic design degree and started working exclusively as a freelancer graphic designer and illustrator.

I‘ve always delivered artwork of high aesthetic level mostly minimalistic with a high sense of uncluttered functionality (in projects needed) and a multi-layer impact.
So if you are looking for something subtle and minimalistic yet impactful you have come to the right place!

Time to bring your idea to life!

Kind regards,
Nikos Metaxas